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Unpaid parking tickets hurt people.

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If you’ve ever seen a person or been that person getting towed for parking violations and unpaid tickets, its gut wrenching to have a front seat view of the pain, anguish, frustration, and helplessness caused by unpaid parking tickets.  Most Americans work very hard and so handling parking tickets gets overrun by the day-to-day stress of going to work, feeding the family, paying bills, juggling income just to cover the day’s expenses. By the time their car is getting towed or they can pay attention to their tickets, either the tickets have quadrupled in fees or their car is getting towed. 

In 2013, Americans spent over $1 billion on parking tickets.  Those tickets could be wrapped around the Earth over 100 times! The total amount for those parking tickets could pay off over 100 million home mortgages! 

Of this $1 billion, 90% was for unpaid parking tickets that over time doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled because of fees. 

Cars being towed to an impound lot cost Americans over $300 million, in addition to the jobs lost for the lack of a way to work and then the homes lost for not having a jobs or transportation.  The disastrous effect of having a car towed is undeniable. 

American Parking Tickets.com provides assurance and relief from the pain of out-of-control unpaid parking tickets.

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